Our Team


Travis and Chad Cooke

Travis and Chad, Co-Owners, have been around the lawn care industry all their lives.  Their dad, Dave, started in the Waterloo area before moving to Spencer in 1993 and built a customer base up from scratch.  They've seen first hand that it takes hard work, determination, and excellent customer relationships to grow an area.  Travis holds a degree in Business management and has personally worked as a licensed and certified Turf Specialist for 7 years so he possesses invaluable knowledge when it comes to lawn service products and techniques as well as knowledge in running a quality Company.  Chad has a Bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Business so his expertise lies more in the technical aspects of running the Company.  Together, they hope to bring back the values, pride, and customer relationships those in the industry used to enjoy.  Tiger Pride Lawn Care doesn't just put any individual on your lawn.  The team members listed below were very carefully selected because their expertise and attention to detail stood out.


Dave Cooke

Dave, a licensed and certified Turf Specialist, has been in the lawn care industry for over 30 years. His lawn service career spans the state having started in eastern Iowa before moving to Spencer in 1993. He brings a vast amount of knowledge, leadership, and expertise to our team.  Dave will oversee operations within the Spencer and Mason City areas. 


Steve Wright

Steve, a licensed and certified Turf Specialist, started in 2018 and takes care of the commercial/larger properties within Spencer, Mason City, and central Iowa locations.  Steve comes aboard Tiger Pride Lawn Care and brings with him a wealth of experience and leadership.  He's been servicing lawns in Spencer and central Iowa areas for the past 12 years so he brings immediate knowledge and comfortability with the lawns in those areas.  Here's a list of highlights he's been involved with over his career :

  • Iowa Certified Turf Specialist since 2000

  • Earned a degree from Georgia University in Turf Grass Management. 

  • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Master Gardener since 1998.

  • In 2007, he was awarded the Iowa Lawn Care Professional of the Year award.

  • Iowa State University Community Tree Steward in 2004.

  • Sits on the board of Hamilton County Ag Council

  • Speaker and leader of numerous horticulture lectures and radio programs.

  • Holds a Landscape Design certificate from the Federated Garden Club of America.

  • Volunteers his time as a Iowa 4-H Horticulture Judge since 1999.


Donna Cooke

Donna has joined Tiger Pride Lawn Care as our much needed Office Manager.  Donna has worked in various office settings for over 30 years.  Specifically, she’s run a Lawn care office for 7 years and is a huge asset to our team.  Donna handles answering phone calls, accounts receivables, production entry, and Payroll.  We are excited to offer our customers an immediate contact option when questions and concerns arise.


Caleb Irmiter

Caleb, a licensed and certified Turf Specialist, started in 2018 and services the residential lawns in Spencer.  He has the energy, expertise, and professionalism that Tiger Pride Lawn Care is built on.  While being new to lawn care specifically, he's got experience working in the Landscaping industry.  He understands the importance of great looking lawns.


Ryan naber

Ryan, a licensed and state certified Turf Specialist, started in 2019 and services lawns in Spencer, Mason City, as well as other parts of Iowa.  His level of professionalism and attention to detail is something Tiger Pride Lawn Care focuses on. Ryan knows what it takes to have a great lawn and his work ethic is very impressive. We’re really proud he joined our team.