Company Mission


Tiger Pride Lawn Care...

is looking to reshape the industry and take it back to when employees felt pride to work in the lawn services field and customers reaped the benefits of having fully invested personnel ensuring their lawn is in the absolute best condition possible.

      With our dad being in the lawn care profession for over 34 years, we've been able to see how the lawn services industry has shifted over time.  It seems the industry has overall turned into a monetary-only focused entity.  The personal connection between business and customer as well as business and employee has been lost to some degree.  By focusing our business on the feeling of pride by not only the customer but by the employee as well, this will translate to much higher quality lawns for all our customers.  We want to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility associated with the quality of each and every lawn we service. 

      This attention to quality resonates throughout all Company decisions.  We will never cut corners to save a dollar.  The products we use are the best available, the machines we use to apply our product are state of the art units, and the highest level of care and expertise will be trained to each and every one of our employees.